Anthony Demanuele

Mr. Tony Demanuele was appointed as a board member in July 2013.  Since 2010 he was elected by the Horse Owners and Drivers Association.  Mr. Demanuele is also an experienced horse racing driver for trot racing, having also won international races abroad representing the Maltese flag.

George Farrugia

Mr. George Farrugia was appointed to the Malta Racing Club Board in June 2013.  Mr. Farrugia was also the president of the Gozo horse racing association.  Mr Farrugia is an experienced horse racing owner and enthusiast.

Ivan Carabott

Edwin Borg

Horse Owners & Drivers Assocation

Kevin Debono

Mr. Kevin Debono was elected by the Horse Owners and Drivers association in December 2013.

Brian Zammit

Harold Gerada